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You're Ugly Car Could Earn You $10,000!
Ingram Park Auto Center is holding a contest to find the ugliest car.

If your car turns heads, or stops traffic because it’s plain ole ugly – you could win $10,000 cash or a brand new car from IPAC.

All you have to do to enter is send us a simple picture of your car or an entertaining video showcasing just how ugly, beat up, and downright homely the car you’re driving is.

No sob stories please, we’re looking for a fun, funny, and creative picture or video.Tell us why your car is the ugliest, how it got to be so hideous, and all the quirks only your car has. Make a song, a movie, get your friends to help, whatever you need to do to make the best, most entertaining ugly car picture or video ever.

The more creative your video or picture  is the better your chance of winning. That’s because everyone who visits this site starting August 1st will be able to vote on who they think has the ugliest car. So tell you neighbors, co-workers, family and friends. even the guys at the stoplight behind you! ANYONE can vote - ONLY ONE ugly car owner can win!

New Vehicle must be valued at $10,000 or lower. Ugly Car proof of ownership required in order to claim prize.